GBnexus – Innovative Search Tool
Helping EEU Businesses in the UK


What is GBnexus? This question can be answered in many different ways but the simplest answer is that it is a business networking platform. This network provides a means for small and medium-sized companies to be able to promote their businesses both locally and internationally.

You may be wondering whether there is a need for such a service when we have Google?

Indeed, many people use Google to search for local businesses. Essentially, it comes down to how likely it is that your business will show up in the search results, this is all about something called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can pay to be kept at the top of the search results, but this can prove very costly.

With GBnexus, your company will have the chance to benefit from other companies, just as they will benefit from you. More importantly, you will have the option to improve and maximise your company’s SEO, both in English and other languages.

The GBnexus platform allows you to add certain information, which will create unique content and, as a result, Google will create a proper indexation and improve your presence on the web.

For example, you are a solicitor and under new regulations, you’re permitted to carry out some freelance work. You need to find any appropriate work but what do you need to do to access this and how will you search for it? Of course, the most popular option would be Linkedin – but what about ordinary people, people who are not users of Linkedin or similar platforms? In such cases, GBnexus is for you.

We aim to improve the chances of connecting small businesses who are not able to spend much to promote their services, with larger companies and everything in between.

Bachi Gabunia, CEO

Any company can register with and post information in relation to the services they offer. Upon registering, the company fills out all of the necessary information needed to identify it, such as company name, contact person, phone number, logo, address, what services they offer and more. is currently available in numerous languages – English, Russian, Ukrainian and Polish – and is set to increase over time. Users can choose from three different packages, Gold, Silver and Economy, depending on both their need and budget.