As I type the opening words to the first ever edition of the Made in Georgia magazine, I find myself overwhelmed with both pride and joy that this has actually become a reality.

You see, collectively, as a team, we all have a passion for this; for years, we’ve been dreaming of a time when we’d be able to bring both of our great nations together and promote them. This platform goes a long way to fulfilling this dream.

Made in Georgia started out as a small project with big dreams. Those big dreams were, naturally, realised over a glass of Georgian wine (what else would you expect?) “Wouldn’t it be amazing to create a magazine and website devoted entirely to Georgia and its relationship with the UK.” We’ve always known the potential the tiny country of Georgia, with its huge heart, has; the problem has been finding the right platform to promote it, to demonstrate how much it has to offer the United Kingdom. We started out by sharing some of the amazing Georgian produce already available in the UK via our website,, and through the popularity of this, we decided that it was time to make our initial dreams an actual reality.

Times have been tough for all of us of late. Yet, people have come together in other ways – by sharing their stories, connecting online, working on projects they have always wanted to but never quite found the time for. Perhaps we owe this endeavor to the current climate. Georgians, after all, are known for pulling together when times get tough.

Our vision always was and still is simple: to create a platform for Georgian talent, tourism, produce, entrepreneurs, small businesses and companies. A platform where they can receive the recognition they deserve for their diversity, talent and groundbreakingly innovative ideas.

But it doesn’t stop there. Georgian tourism has soared in the last few years, with the country becoming one of the most sought-after tourist destinations. Whether it’s a beach holiday, hiking, skiing or a cultured city-break you’re looking for, we believe Georgia has it all.

So, here we are, presenting to you the best of the best that is Made In Georgia.

Tamzin Whitewood