The first thing that people learn about me is that I am Georgian, and I am passionate about my motherland. Second, they learn that I am also British, and my homeland is the United Kingdom. My adopted language, English, in its richness, allows me to unite both my countries in my heart and mind.

Over the last year, the new reality brought by Brexit, followed soon by the Covid-19 global pandemic, made me think about new possibilities that would mutually benefit Georgia and the UK. Stuck in a limbo of lockdown after lockdown, and after many hours on Zoom with both Georgian and British colleagues, business partners, product manufacturers, marketing consultants, diplomats and journalists, I came up with the idea of establishing the UK-Georgia Trade hub (UGTH); a hub that will serve as the ultimate connection point for British and Georgian businesses, organisations and people  that want to engage with each other, trade, visit and learn more.

Now that spring is in the air, the hub is ready to launch its first swallow, the ‘Made in Georgia’ magazine. This is a magazine created by a team of dedicated professional journalists, editors and experts from both countries, who will inform and entertain British readers with authentic stories from Georgia. Made in Georgia magazine will explore the past and present of British-Georgian connections, the people and businesses, together with relevant facts and figures.

So, here we are, dear reader, come along with us on this amazing journey of new flavours, new knowledge, new friends, travels and adventures into a little country in the Caucasus. A country that gave the world wine, where ancient history and culture meets the modern upbeat vibes of European mentality, meet Great Britain’s new trade partner – Georgia!

Bachi Gabunia, Founder & CEO, Made in Georgia